On the track, you can go faster, harder and really tear it up. They had nice wide run off areas so not too much chance of a crunch. Driving on the street you need to worry about grit on the road, police, and of course, oncoming traffic. August 21, at 1: Dont be so cynical. I had the one of the oldest cars there, a Ford Laser TX3. Do you get to do it in your own car, or do you all swap cars?

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Worst was when they chucked you asmi the back of each others cars for the slalom Though if you have a smaller class the prac might not last as long.

Driving on the street you need to worry about grit on the road, police, and of course, oncoming traffic. Although she did nearly spin us out doing the hairpin.

AAMI Skilled Drivers Course – Licence – Automotive

No instead they provide this course and pay instructors on a weekend public holiday no less to go out with young drivers. Wanted to get my suspension upgraded then try it, maybe I should do it before and after the suspension changes. Damn did they miss out. Apart from being good fun, they are eye-opening and very rewarding.


Or require drivers with a bad crash recoird to do it. Let me start by telling you I think this course is amazing.

The guys checking the cars before the driving seemed amused that someone had brought a hire car. Just commenting on my recent experience.

I even learned a few facts myself. My car did well. September 7, at 8: I have been planning on doing this course for ages but haven’t got around to it.

Wow Skille this course looks fantastic. Not to mention the big head those courses give people. Damn did they miss out After watching the two other members in my groups cars An ’05 Kia of some sort and a ’88 Camry I am quite suprised how aani my car did. What it does highlight is the handling characteristics of our cars in situations that we would only experience skillee an accident or a near miss.

It should be part of learning to drive. I actually work for AAMI and have had so many amazing reports from young drivers and their parents about this course. Just did this today at Eagle Farm. Well done Caz for completing the course! This is something that the Australian government should make compulsory for young drivers once they get their P plates. Serious why is the government pumping millions of dollars into advertising when initiatives like this could cost a lot less and actually make a difference.


AAMI Skilled Drivers ~ Course Review

Archive View Return to standard view. Now for making these compulsory for every young driver, you need to look at the skulled side, the ones that have been injuired or killed have been speeding or doing something else beyond there limit of control, ie hoons as the media calls them.

I’m yet to meet a person who believes they are a below average driver. On purpose though, and on deserted roads. August 17, at 7: But on a serious note road safety is important to me. I’d be interested to know this as well. I found it quite good, the only downside was the lack of driving time each person got. I did this 7 years ago: She calmed down and kept going though. Can i just say that it was a really good experience.

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