I have everything else you list installed; I think the problem may lie elsewhere. Well it seems that now I am locking up about a minute into X, while 3D effects are on I did install xserver-xgl and had problems. This sounds like a different, if not closely related, bug. Matteo Z matteozandi wrote on I have a X card and it always worked fine with compiz. It seems like the video memory is being filled and not released. Nautilus File Manager autostarts a number of times.

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In the live ubuntu 7.

I was getting the error described my comment 14 above https: Nothing depends on it. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. In Feisty everything works fine.

Download ati mobility radeon m6ch driver | Brittany’s blog

Wolf Rogner war-rsb wrote on Miguel Gaspar ghaspias wrote on It’s much worse than I thought. The problem appears to be the radeon drm kernel module has errors when it’s loading. It just works for me now.


How can a fix it to log on to 6mc Okay, now that you have logged into the huge display.

On hp nx same thing wolf hb: I have everything else you list installed; I think the problem may lie elsewhere. The error I would bet while under the live cd is in dmesg:.

Actually, professordes is on to something: I know that 3D acceleration works, glxgears works like a charm. When i try to enable them, ari borders dissapear. To post a comment you must log in.

And put comments on that Bug please. This problem happens for me with live cd. So the problem is in the unclear error message. Now, it will probably give some errors but just ignore it, it will go to a default driver and be very choppy.

ati mobility radeon m6c-16h driver

If I remove the line corresponding to x, compiz works fine. I’m not sure why libgl1-mesa-dri was not installed. I’d suggest searching to see if someone else has reported that problem, and if not, filling a separate bug report to ensure it gets attention. Configuration was a custom xorg.

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Tai discussion can be continued in bug My problem was fixed with Gutsy final release live cd. Nautilus File Manager autostarts a number of times. No manageable screens found on display: This is specifically for Radeon cards where we cannot enable Desktop Effects.

ATi RADEON MOBILITY (M6Ch) | Hardware Heaven Forums

I saw there ati cards also. Well, if Ari use the “ati” driver then I cannot enable desktop effects. Everyone else, please test Intrepid Alpha -4 or newer and post a NEW bug report if you’re still having trouble. The error compiz is outputting is not something compiz has an effect on.

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