Carrot Halwa With Milky Khoya Full Recipe

Baked carrots, mixed with milk and sugar, have a pleasant taste and a wonderful gift made especially in the winter. This magnificent dessert is also known as gujarilla in the whole of the subcontinent, including Pakistan and neighboring countries. Its attractive and unique aroma makes it unique compared to other sweet dishes. It is also made on a cheerful and deliciously sweet Eid or special festivals.


Milk cup One kilogram of carrot, lemon A saffron sauce Tilake cup Chinese Cup Lose 250 grams a pound
Carrot Halwa With Milky Khoya Full Recipe

Put milk in a pot and boil it for 5 to 10 minutes.
Now add the pumpkin carrots in it and mix well.
Let it cook on a low flame and keep the spoon running for some time in the middle. When the milk is thoroughly dry, add a little saffron and fry in it.
Now add oil and sugar in it and mix well.
Now add the lost in it and fry more.
The delicious sweet aroma of sweet flavored carrots is ready. Have fun. And please tell us your valuable feedback in the box below.

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