Switch to Threaded Mode. Originally posted by Maxximum: They have better piano sounds on board and the keyboard action is just as good, or better. I fixed the problem, it works now, i can achieve velocity. There are no other great voices on this keyboard. I looked at lots of reviews for different midi controllers.

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There are registration settings so that you can easily switch between a controller function and having your favorite tones ready.

The Casio PXR is an key digital piano with some bells and whistles. If I use an 88 key controller for a PSR and I play keys above and below what’s on the 3k on the controller keyboard will I get any sound?

PXR – Electronic Musical Instruments – Manuals – CASIO

I give the stereo piano sample, an A for the price, but an A- overall. Piano is a little too bright for me, and the top octave does not sound realistic.

I’m really excited to get that feeling again that I am playing the piano. This Casio really feels like a good piano, and you can get pianisimo and fortisimo. CME distributor told me they don’t have 88key controllers px4400r know CME itself have but distributor don’t bring it only for special requests and offered me M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 with a price a lot higher than the price actual distributor of the M-Audio gave me.

Casio Privia PXR – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Geek in pink has my Privia sound – how does the best piano on the module compare to it? Technically speaking, the “feel” is exactly the same, but when played in conjuction with a more expressive and dynamic piano sample there is an honest difference since the keys are reacting to the different velocity layers in a better way; px40r0 the mind actually perceives the key action to “feel” better, too at least in px400g opinion.


Prices made me change my mind. None of the reverbs are very strong. There’s a lot I don’t know concerning midi and have a lot to learn That brings me to this question and I may add it may be very naive of me even asking it.

The Strings and Slow Strings sound very good when layered with the piano. People want a lot of money even for 2nd hand studiologics, i haven’t seen a new one in the stores i’ve looked at.

Originally posted by Maxximum: Quote Originally posted by Maxximum: Beakybird, I have a PXR you’ve described the instrument very well, nice job with your review! Even at its lowest volume, the string layer sounds pretty prominent – a bit too prominent for my taste. Second, because of the fact that i don’t want to use onboard sounds when playing, i need to know whether or not this piano can act as a master midi controller via it’s usb port to PC.

PX-400R Manual

Having said that I realise that I am making an assumption that it would be OK for 88 keys!. Interesting thing is i’ve read lots of bad reviews regarding key action of CME UF88 most of them says that it is worse than M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro which is terrible too according to most of the people but you say it’s impressive so it seems like expectations of people wildly differ.


As far as hooking it up to a computer, you can do that, but make sure you have a capable system or you’ll run into latency issues hit a key and it won’t sound until a second later. Switch to Threaded Mode. Stephenm52 Senior Member Registered: New Topics – Multiple Forums. You cannot get that concert hall sound, at least through the speakers. AdminGlobal ModMod.

None of the other voices are sampled in stereo, and you can tell the difference between the Cool! After reading so many positive reviews i couldn’t find a negative one regarding key action i decided to buy it. It’s also one of the only controllers in that price range that offers aftertouch. For regular playing I can only get it around Please Pass It On!

Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. It is a little too much of a mellow piano for it to be just perfect for me. It’s a shame that there isn’t any good midi controller for controlling velocity beautifully.

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