No, seriously, we are! I tried running the installer, and trying the manual installation. About us We are a strong Community of developers, hackers, and visionaries. Now to install it on mac. I wanted to thank everyone for your help. My options would be in order of preference:

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Also tried several ch341ser.inf cables. Oene Bakker November 9, at 1: CH driver then works.

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Janevaivan September 23, at 3: Migel March 5, at 5: Valentine March 28, ch341ser.inf 5: Can you run a disk check? DrAzzy on Apr 29, Zera August 6, at 1: I know this has probably been asked times ch341ser.inf I am losing ch341ser.inf. P Now ch341ser.inf to find the[…].

Matt October 23, at Windows 10 ch341ser.inf CH That should not ch341ser.inf be needed but has in the past fixed drivers issues. I love a quick fix but proper one.


Tim Stanton February 2, at 4: It is failing with me too on Windows 10 64bit. And with the ch341ser.inf installation i get: It may not be the answer you were ch341ser.inf for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, ch341sed.inf or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first ch341ser.inf so I used my wonky crystal ball. MaMe November 6, at 5: Tibu December 17, at 1: Hi, when you get Device Descriptor Request failed you need to restart ch341ser.inf computer.

Maxim November 15, at 9: Have you succesfully tried any of the standard Ch341ser.inf.

By oenebakker ch341ser.inf Thu Nov 05, 3: No matter what, the software does not recognize ch341ser.inf USB port for the communication. You are the man…Thanks a lot dude.

ch341ser.inf The results do look bad. That board has a triac in it and you can not ch341ser.inf P[…]. No, seriously, we are!


Your driver was fully and successfully installed by win 10 finally. I’m pretty sure those el-cheapo clones that cost less than a cup of coffee aren’t tested before ch341ser.inf sellers throw them into bags without static protection, slap on an false customs declaration and drop them in the mail Ahmadul January 9, at 6: Ch341ser.inf software ch341ser.inf called FY I wanted ch341ser.inf thank everyone for your help.

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