Now we are ready to start! The drive emulation type, HP LTO—2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, determines the default capacity of the cartridges within the library device and the iSCSI inquiry string information provided to the Drive emulation backup application. In my case, I change to Time and Date. And a summary of the installation progress. Never mind that, the links works but need to activate to get the software downloaded, How they fix it since i want to test it out.

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Now we are ready to start! Thanks geneic HPE reaching out I was told you can use this linkand create an account and download the bits. If the 6—character barcode is selected, the StoreOnce Backup system will truncate to the top six characters, removing the top two characters of an 8—character barcode, i. I did this on the Veeam Backup server.

HP StoreOnce Backup User Manual

In the emulation section we define the Library to emulate. After that log out, and connect to this web site.

As soon as we hit on create we can see a new VTL Library available along with the main settings. The number of slots available depends upon the Emulation Type selected.


This article quickly shows the steps on how to: The cartridge capacity corresponds to the Drive Emulation type.

Install / Config of HPE StoreOnce VTL and connecting it to Veeam

At this point we are ready to connect to the intended libraries. In this case the emulation offers a generlc replacement or integration with an existing ecosystem. Enables deduplication if the check box is selected default ; unselect to create a non-deduplication library. I have tested that and geenric works good. Remove From My Forums. This means that the value can only be changed after the device is created and before it is accessed by the backup application.

It should find two targets. Sign in to vote. The default varies according to product model. Making this choice a viable solution also for existing hardware available. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.

Enables deduplication if the check box is selected default ; unselect to create a non-deduplication library. We can see the inventory happening. License When you install the VSA you gneeric automatically e2dbs 60 day license. You can change the maximum size of the cartridge as long as it is blank.

If increasing the number of drives, DO NOT exceed the maximum number 2ddbs libraries and drives that a host. So things are looking good. Thanks for that info Rick! Once you do the driver install — yes, I know it is an update too — it will look different now.


This is the only way for the media pool to do somewhat correct recycle of expired media, which in turn is essential for freeing the media on the appliance and allow it to housekeep the litter away. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Should we want to challenge generoc authentication method when accessing these tapes for increased security we can define the additional settings here.

DPM back up tape inventory issues

The default number of drives is determined by the Emulation Type selected. Then went for upgrade to hoping to resolve the issue. The name used to identify a particular library. Office Office Exchange Server. Now you have to select the drive, and the changer, and update the driver.

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