Intel PH pogramming help needed. Universal Eeprom Programmer Are you looking for?: Devices list update Revision History Here. Thanks to GB who provided this signed driver. Crappy NSP software reading my Eprom Only partly translated, very poorly translated, window decoration around a transparent window.

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Genius NSP driver

I didn’t find a driver. This programmer has been modified by edziu, full discussions can be found here: Crappy NSP software reading my Eprom Only partly translated, very poorly translated, window decoration around a transparent window. The microprocessor programemr a ROM-less device. The idea is to install a Windows in Virtual Box on my Mac. Which is the best Universal Device Programmer.

I have already a Linux Mint orogrammer in Virtual Box every now and then and i know there are free pre-built images of this or that operating system available in the net.

It needs USB driver 3. The newer version GQ-4×4 has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. Ok, no problem, i have 30 days ahead.


Universal Programmer and EPROM Programmer, FREE S/W Download

The number of chips supported is not updated since But I think you should ns us with the software for this universal eeprom programmer as well as we had better know which eproms to program with this universal eeprom Windows does not see the adapter. Frankly, i want to get rid of it.

My Mac is SO fast! This driver is jsp all Windows XP, Win7. Best universal device programmer. Do i have a driver disk? Now to something completely different: I have a slot-in CD drive in my Mac and this matters.

Is there any eeprom IDE available? Googled for it, downloaded it from Oracle, it automatically installed into Virtual Box — fine!

I downloaded one of the XP images available, figured out univeersal to combine the split. Ok, i can throw away the old Windows 98 computer. Hi every body, What is the best programmer in market? But, You may buy this programmer for only 46 US Dolar from I think that the chip programmer abreast his posibilities. I had installed the software on some kind of old Pentium Desktop running Windows 98 which i kept for this purpose only. DOS version Willem programmer software.


Intel PH pogramming help needed. PC Programming and Interfacing:: Buggy chip data base.

For specific Window version driver only: Hi I can’t find any suitable section to post this i am posting in this section. Third step is to install Firefox.

Should be of a compact size.

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