Javascript is disabled in this browser. A quick unplug of the external unit and restart of MCE is all it took to get it back on. You usually get what you pay for — no more and no less. I think they decided that they could not make a big enought dent in that market to make it worth the investment. SoundBlaster Audigy card Use the following steps to make sure that you have the SoundBlaster software configured for your speaker configuration.

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Double-click Multi-Channel Sound Manager. It lets you Enable,Disable or Auto the onboard sound. That turned out not to be the case and talking to their case manager centeer only turned me off more. Hope my questions weren’t too off topic.

The m was just announced pretty recently and I don’t know if there are going to be any huge differences. However, when he got there my PC went to sleep and upon turning back on, it lost its connection to the digital cable tuner and couldn’t detect the card. Some think it’s worth the trouble, some don’t. Change the TV audio settings. I love my HTPC even though I have my share of problems and get frustrated sometimes even after I realize that half the stuff I want it to do it’s not even supposed to be able to do.


Doing a google search doesn’t bring up a whole lot.

HP my w/digital cable tuner – Page 4 – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

medai Hope things turn around for you. Finally, I’m trying to play flac files though mce and have put in the plugins that worked in xp mce, but to no avail.

Included hardware and CTO choices. I was thinking about contacting VM for the additional tuner.

HP Pavilion Media Center m8100y Product Specifications and Configurable Options

Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. It says Core 2 Duo. That means that the graphics card is not outputting anything on the HDMI output. There is only one thing in that Bios about sound. Some of this power enters into the speaker channels.

Knowing this, I prepared for the installation as much as possible.

When the case manager first asked about the issues I was seeing I said that you may just want to read my forum post and others that can simple be found by searching HP y centr Time Meda at Google or TGB. Microsoft is not a niche player and they only go after the things that will generate real revenue for them.

I, qudio one, am happy that HP is offering their commoditized version of a cablecard machine. The tech support people do not instill a lot of confidence when you tell them what model you have and that it is setup for the ATI tuners abd they turn around and ask you if you are using XP or Vista!!! Originally Posted by Joe Q The following is a doozy but is merely an example of one of many snags I have run into.


All I get is 2 channel stereo. It’s a catch 22 really. Roxio Creator Roxio Creator Premier.

It’s the only means of knowing if you have been served. Please click Accept as Solution, if your problem is solved.

HP Media Center PCs – Resolving Sound Issues with the Media Center Computer

This means that the holes and connectors can be different. Hook up the coax cable directly from the wall or splitter.

At first I was disapointed that I only had one tuner, up once I got a HDHR setup which allows me to record all the local network shows unencrypted its the perfect setup for me. What is the scoop here?

Popping noise when computer is turned on A popping audoo brief static sound occurs when the computer powers on, powers off, enters standby mode, or leaves standby mode.

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