Electronics The electronic system comprises control and power electronics. They have a common power supply. Shop Light Pipe Products. The V signals are available to the master controller. Shop Filter Loss Gauges. Reference movement During reference movement, the motor moves to a defined position on the axis.

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ILE – Lexium Integrated Drive

Shop Time Delay Relays. Shop Power Supply Accessories.

Detent torque at zero current Nm Moment of inertia output kg cm Max. Compactness Motor and electronics form a single, compact and small-footprint unit.

This procedure prevents overtravel of the absolute position limits during positioning, because the zero point is continuously made to follow.

Lexium ILT, ILP

The motor has no torque in this operating status. Page 9 ILS with stepper motor: Supply voltage These can be operated with a supply voltage from V up to 8 V. Download “Lexium Integrated Drives”. Example of lexiium selection of movement commands Presentation Page 7 Schemes: Page 6 ILp for DeviceNet, Selection of the motion profile Speeds and accelerations are saved in motion profiles. Four V signals are also available. Simultaneous fieldbus and RS85 connections are integated.


This open communication concept allows for integration into existing system environments.

Schneider Electric Lexium Integrated Drive With Stepper Motor Ils1mpb1a0 | eBay

Safety requirements Functional for both stop functions: Additional operating modes Additional operating modes can be activated via PC. They can be used as signal input or output. Openness The with fieldbus interface are available in two versions: PLC controls the time coordination of the various data sets.

Inc nd drive system: Application example Pick-and-place with a linear robot 5 Inc. The assignment of the signal inputs and outputs can be adjusted via parameter switches. The PC commissioning software is used to enter data sets and parameterise the drive system. Additional operating modes Additional operating modes can be activated via fieldbus or PC: At constant level HIGH, motor phase current does not flow current set to zero.

Positioning accuracy motor Inc. Shop Tool Accessories and Parts.

This motor is characterised by high dynamics with the possibility of short-term overcurrent during acceleration. Each motor type offers specific advantages so that the can be used in pexium large variety of different applications.


In addition, an internal processing status such as “drive system in motion” can be output via an additional signal output. Start display at page:. Page Page 6 98 version:. General principles for design ISO Shop Filter Loss Gauges.

The motor no longer produces any torque if the safety function is active.

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