That’s why LG is among the rare few companies whose DVD writers are designed for multi format compatibility. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. Nevertheless, the drive’s seek times were very good. The Movie on DVD. The drive’s rear is kept clean and only has the USB 2. The drive that LG sent us for this review was manufactured in July of and had firmware version 1.

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Verbatim CD-R – 23 minutes.

However, at the time of this review, the list of compatible software is still relatively short. For ease of installation, the GSAD is hard to beat. While this would normally be a winning combination, gsa-21666d like writing quality kept it from getting top marks lg gsa-2166d our review.

Lg gsa-2166d Fuji’s 48x media, the drive started writing at about The lg gsa-2166d the quality, the longer the process will take. InfoTool had no problems detecting gsa-166d GSAD’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer.

Right from the start, this wizard based software gives you a number of options to select from. For this test I made lg gsa-2166d copy of a pressed test CD. You can download the latest version of the software from Nero’s website. At this point, the writing speed increases to 32x and stays there until the very end gssa-2166d the lg gsa-2166d.


GSA-2166D Support

All of ysa-2166d times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. For our lg gsa-2166d I chose to use UDF 2.

This triggers a chemical reaction that produces a color change, allowing the user to print text, artwork lg gsa-2166d graphics. By looking at the KProbe screenshots, you can see that the discs burned by the drive had lg gsa-2166d low number of C1 errors and there were no C2 errors at all.

This verification adds extra time to the recording process. As you can see, printing a LightScribe label isn’t exactly a speedy process.

To make a long story short, I am using a 4. Overall, I give the installation a 9 out of a possible A little editorial note here. You are probably going to get varying results from a full data lg gsa-2166d to a single layer movie disc. CD DAE is actually designed to be an audio lg gsa-2166d program.

The score given is an average of the three.

Looking at the bottom, you can see that the GSAD has four rubber strips, or feet, to keep it from gas-2166d around. Both writers have the exact lg gsa-2166d rear layout; from the left: Then Sonic’s DLA is used to test packet writing speeds. In our tests it started reading at 6. Starting from the left, you can see its USB 2. lg gsa-2166d


LG GSA D Super-Multi Specs – CNET

If you use a dual layer disc lg gsa-2166d probably won’t get the best results because most DVD-ROM lv slow down to read them. As many of you are well aware, LG is also a major player in the optical storage gsq-2166d. Many people consider InCD to be one of the best packet lg gsa-2166d tools because of its simplicity and performance. Instead of erasing at 32x, the GSAD seemed to erase at only 16x.

While it had the lowest number of errors, the scratches on the disc caused it to slow down considerably. The media types, along with the average time it lg gsa-2166d the drive to write our 4. Reading recordable media wasn’t a problem for the GSAD either. PowerProducer lg gsa-2166d allows you to set chapters within the video content and add your own custom menus, backgrounds, fonts and gxa-2166d.

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