Enjoy perusing favorite photos without the hassle of photo storage by scanning images into the computer using a suitable scanner. Minolta Dimage Scan Dual. Published on September 9, This appeared to be due partly to the basic mechanism and electronics which moves the film and digests the data rapidly , and partly to the fixed-focus optics: This is the tricky part of this control, in that the adjustments are made in subtractive color space CMYK , rather than the RGB additive color space most photographers and computer graphics users will be familiar with. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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Still, all other minolta dimage scan dual being equal, I’d pick a bit scanner over a bit one any day of the week. When activated, this tells the scanner to perform an autoexposure while prescanning color slides. This fact alone is a significant differentiator for the Minolta’s product.

ximage Photoshop LE is adequate to the needs of most semi-pro users, and dimate provide the full range of capabilities minolta dimage scan dual most users will need to achieve the best results. In the Spring of The Dimage Scan Multi Pro’s 35mm film holder minolta dimage scan dual little lips to catch one edge of the film, which largely eliminated this problem. Auto Expose for Slides: Scanning is achieved using the accompanying film and slide holders APS film holder must be purchased separatelydelivering up to 3, dpi resolution.

Anyone want to guess what the gray eyedropper button does?


Minolta dimage scan dual utility is perfect when you have a batch of negatives or slides that require little or no adjustment, as it greatly speeds up the scanning process. You can also use the histogram sliders to control the “gamma” midtone boost or cut of all the color channels, minolta dimage scan dual individually or together. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Minolta’s film scanner line is overall marked by good user interface design IMHOstrong specs, and excellent optics, at generally competitive prices.

A few scanning tips

Here, I have just a single slide loaded into the 4-position slide holder. We felt that this feature was marred slightly though, by the fact that the enlarged image is only a pixel-replicated copy of the original area, which can lead to rather pixelated images if your cropping frame is small xcan to the overall film area. The APS adapter contains a small motor that advances the film between frames, and rewinds it into minolta dimage scan dual cartridge when you’re done minolta dimage scan dual.

There is an Auto Correction button there, which can modify the processing with the option choices at right.

I did use minolta dimage scan dual two years Great film scanner for best price. The last step is to choose the scan resolution, by telling the scanner what you want to use the image for. Still, the level of shadow detail the DSD-III manages to extract from very dense slides and negatives is very impressive, particularly for such an inexpensive unit. You can also type a numeric value into these dimagr boxes.


Write a customer review. Scann still some dirt there, but most of it has been removed, and what’s left is much less apparent. They’re nothing more than a graph of output brightness values against input brightness values.

The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II film scanner

If there wasn’t any such reference available, it tended to produce inaccurate results. Saves all image correction settings as a “job. For instance, whether to use the Standard or Precision Control Windows.

Includes scanner, power cord, and data cable. With the slider set at “Low,” very little dust is removed, but image details are left undisturbed. APS film can have up to 40 frames on the roll.

My tale of woe: Like the Dimage Scan Speed though, color saturation in greens on transparency slide scans is a bit weak. After almost an hour on hold I gave up and called again. When I inquired for an explanation, the customer service rep refused to give me one, minolta dimage scan dual placed me on hold for a “senior tech”.

The other control buttons in the lower left-hand corner let you minolta dimage scan dual the effects of your adjustments on the histogram, as well as save and retrieve complete sets of adjustments once created. Herewith the Preferences functions:

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