By default, the server will automatically close the cursor after 10 minutes of inactivity or if the client has exhausted the cursor. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. ObjectId “cadc9fe50ca0” , “FirstName”: It contains advanced ways of getting a database and pushing a sequence of operations through a single socket in order to guarantee consistency. This method is similar to its counterpart except that it returns an IFindFluent interface.

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Set “inprogress”true. One way to query is to create a QueryDocument object mongocureor And on occasions you want more granularity, you can use the other ways of doing it. Instances of MongoCursor are not thread safe, at least not until they are frozen see below.

By default, the server certificate will get validated against the local trusted certificate store. On Thursday, January 17, The rules for connection mode are as follows:. Mongocuraor source may be downloaded from github. You can navigate from an instance of Mkngocursor to an instance of MongoDatabase see next section using one of the following GetDatabase methods or indexers:. See also the To[Type] methods which do conversions, and the Is[Type] properties which you can use to query the type of a BsonValue before attempting to use one of the As[Type] properties.

Builders ; using MongoDB. NET value will automatically be converted to a BsonValue. Brought to you by Read the Docs latest. Add 1 ; a2.


[mongodb-user] C# driver: Casting MongoCursor to IEnumerable

The most common ways to construct a query are to either use the Query builder class or to create a QueryDocument yourself a QueryDocument is a subclass of BsonDocument that also implements IMongoQuery and can therefore be used as a query object. Find a mentor Web Programming.

BsonValue has a static Create method that takes an argument of type object and determines at runtime the actual type of BsonValue to create. It is a separate tutorial because it covers quite a lot of material.

After you clone the repository, we recommend you set the local setting for core. They can also return null which a mongicursor cannot which is useful for handling optional elements when creating BsonDocuments using functional construction. To override this behavior, you can specify the noTimeout flag in your query using NoCursorTimeout property of the FindOptions class.

It’s of type ObjectIdand is defined in the Bson spec. Only if you enumerate the cursor manually are you responsible for calling Dispose. Post Mongocursog Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

WriteLine document ; We can also specify comparison or logical operator. Yet another way to query is to use an anonymous class as the query, but in this case we must wrap the anonymous object:. It is important to note that these all are casts, not conversions.


[mongodb-user] C# driver: Casting MongoCursor to IEnumerable – Grokbase

If the Id member of the document has a value, then it is assumed to be an existing document and Save calls Update on the document setting the Upsert flag just in case it actually is a new document after all. WriteLine document ; Console.

This looks neat and shorter, code-wise, but what it does is force all the documents to live in-memory. With the code below, we can get all the documents and print them to the console using the Find method await collection.

Murray Long Have figured this out I think. The driver automatically finds all the members of the replica set and identifies the current primary. The Save method is a combination of Insert and Update. The following example shows several ways to determine the type of a BsonValue:.

To clone the repository run the following commands from a git bash shell: NET values wherever a BsonValue is expected, and the.

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