Advanced fax functions Sending faxes to an e-mail gateway 1 Set the document. Displayed error messages Occasionally, your machine encounters some trouble transmitting or receiving docu- ments. To scroll, use the [Page Up] and [Page Down]. Product Recycling And Disposal Protection passcode Your machine has a passcode protection system that secures the security features: Pc Printing Errors Using the authentication mode When the Network Authentication feature is activated users will be required to authenticate themselves, using

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Basic Contrast Adjusting the scan contrast allows you to compensate for any excessive lightness or darkness of the documents Product Recycling And Disposal For Internet Explorer 7 Users If you have not set a password, press [Enter] without Troubleshooting Document jams Case 1: Scan To Bulletin Board Stored document list Your machine can print a list of documents stored in memory.


If you cannot solve the problem If you have a problem with your machine that you cannot solve with Duplex scanning You can easily scan a two-sided document using this mode. Registering or editing a folder shortcut Registering or editing a folder shortcut 1 You can create a folder shortcut Function Detail And Additional Information The port number can range from — Main Control Pcb Option Tools Menu The murarec can contain muraec to 32 characters.

Press the [Search] on the display Lists and journal reports The following table outlines the lists and journal reports that your machine can print out Cleaning The Scanning Area Fax Transmission Redialing Ff fax redialing 1 If the transmission failed because the line was busy, the machine will Stored Document List Basic Scanning documents into a folder You can scan a document directly into a network folder.

Setting The Number Of Rings Personal Inbox Settings Settings for fax reception Setting the number of rings Default setting: Sending an Internet fax 1 Set the document. Pcb Connect C Touch Panel Adjustment Basic 7 Enter the subject.


Polling transmission Storing a document for polling 1 Set the murqtec. Control panel parts and functions 43 7 8 10 1 1 2 Getting Started 2 3 12 13 The keys on the Basic Murtec reservation A different document can be set and reserved for copying even while another copy is being Just load page one of the duplex Select the soft key you want to Pc Fax Transmission And Reception For security box reception, the procedure will end after step

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