We obtained the index closing levels below from Bloomberg Financial Markets, without independent verification. In performing these duties, the economic interests of the calculation agent and other affiliates of ours are potentially adverse to your interests as an investor in the notes. Kind of item Name Availability Ord. Subject to postponement in the event of a market disruption event as described in the accompanying prospectus supplement for leveraged index-linked securities. The hedging or trading activities of our affiliates on or prior to the pricing date and on the Averaging Dates could adversely affect the value of the Basket and, as a result, could decrease the amount you may receive on the notes at maturity.

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Terms used in this pricing supplement are defined in the prospectus supplement for leveraged index-linked securities or in the prospectus. Exposure to currency changes will depend on the extent to which such currencies strengthen or weaken against the U. Index Continuity Rules for the Standard Indices. It is currently based on us 25 largest and the most liquid Chinese stocks listed and trading on the HKSE.

Show prices with VAT. Under the GICS, each company is assigned to one sub-industry according to its principal business activity. These guidelines and the policies implementing the guidelines are designed by, and, ultimately, hsb to adjustment by, MSCI. Hypothetical E xamples of Amounts Payable at Maturity. The index can change as a the result of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, bankruptcies, reorganizations and other similar corporate events.

The risk that buffered notes would be recharacterized, for U. At a time when the value of one or more m7x the Component Basket Indices increases, the value of one or more of the other Component Basket Indices may not increase as much or may decline. A market is equivalent to a single country, except in DM Europe, where all DM countries in Europe are aggregated into uab single market for index construction purposes.

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The hypothetical total returns set forth below are for illustrative purposes only and may not be the actual total returns applicable to a purchaser of the notes. Conversely, if the U. Cookies help us provide services.

While the notice requests comments on appropriate transition rules and effective dates, Treasury regulations or other forms of guidance, if any, issued after consideration of these issues could materially and adversely affect the tax consequences of this kind of investment, possibly with retroactive effect. Amount of Registration Fee. A decrease in the Basket value on any one lexx date could more than offset the increases in the Basket value on other averaging dates.

The results of the SAIRs are announced at least two weeks in advance of their effective implementation dates as of the close of the last business day of May and November.

If after the application of the index construction methodology, a Standard Index contains fewer than five securities in a Developed Market or three securities in an Emerging Market, then the largest securities by free float-adjusted market capitalization are added to the Standard Index jx7 order to reach five constituents in that Developed Market or three in that Emerging Market.

The numbers appearing in the following table, graph and examples have ueb rounded for ease of analysis. The following examples illustrate how the total returns set forth in the table and graph above are calculated.

Uusb objective of the SAIRs is to systematically reassess the various dimensions of the Equity Universe for all markets on a fixed semi-annual timetable. The hypothetical total returns set forth below assume an Initial Basket Level of and reflect the Maximum Total Return on the notes of The historical levels of the Basket Component Indices should not be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance can be given as to the Basket closing level on any of the Averaging Dates.


Socket 1 Intel 6th, 7th gen. Creating the Size Segment Indices in each market involves the following steps: This requirement is applicable to small new issues in all markets. ,x7

The prices of securities in foreign markets may be affected by political, economic, financial and social factors in those countries, or global regions, including changes in government, economic and fiscal policies and currency exchange laws.

In exceptional cases, events are announced during market hours for same or next day implementation. The total fees represent the amount that the placement agents received from accounts other than such fiduciary accounts. Yes, please send me SOS electronic Newsletter mx77 e-mail x per month. You already have 0 pcs in your cart.

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To be eligible for inclusion in a Market Investable Equity Universe, a security must have adequate liquidity. Socket 7 Intel 6th gen. The GICS entails four levels of classification: Affiliates of Morgan Stanley intend lxe offer to purchase the notes in the secondary market but are not required to do so.

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