Any body had the same problem or knows a secret setting????? What is the problem? Once I had the slider in the past, but now it disappeared with the new drivers. Can’t find your answer? Cant be for sure.

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Auxiliary or PC Beep seem to be the most common causes of the static background noise, but you can mute them all until you find the one causing your annoying noises. The problem is that the 4 channel sliders are greyed out and cannot be moved so that levels between the four sources can be xlc1200 against each other. The issue is solved completely by the old v2.

Its good to know there are still folks that are willing to lend a hand when you ask. JudasFeb 23, I installed the 2. Probably bad motherboard, case wiring to the front panel, or that model really is problematic In Alx1200, go to Start, then type in msconfig in the “Search” field.

I check relatek device manager and under sound it has these two listed. Should I just use the drivers for the realtek HD codecs?

Probably one of the best Analog only Quality onboard audio chip at present. Thanks THG team for having a great forum to turn to for honest, no “drama” help! Definition Audio Codecs If you check the asus forums there’s a guru who states that they support the alc chip and it worked for tealtek.


Realtek ALC Audio Driver – [Solved] – Windows 7

Intregated realtek audio driver error Realtek High Audio Definition Audio Realtek audio driver for windows 8 for dgggc Uninstall realtek high definition audio driver Realtek Audio not working? In initially setting up the mobo after fresh build, I installed drivers and utilities from the mobo maker’s disk. Then that mess sound gone. If you have EasyTune or another live mobo tweaking app running, try closing it and see if that helps. I’ve tried this on a few systems including realteks ALC and it does work very well for me at least Those adapters are actually quite cheap, and should be available from any audio store that provides a large list of cable rwaltek and adapters.

I checked on the realtek control panel alf1200 the problem exists there as well, except that the sliders on the Rexording input control are not even visible. Hi, download the latest drivers from http: TrusteftNov 4, Driver install was not so easy but finally it worked.

Realtek ALC1200 Audio Driver

Just need to get “that” driver pack in an updated scripted form. I had tried 5x other driver versions rdaltek ones shipped by ASUS. Muting the PC beep option will kill the noise!!!


May 13, Messages: Nov 4, Messages: I have one big problem: Any answer, even if its the wrong one, made in a maner that is a genuine attempt to help deserves no less than a thumbs up, A for effort, etc. You can then unmute the others or leave them muted, most people do not use most of these options and if you notice any programs you do use suddenly don’t have sound, come back here and unmute things.

The Output control realyek is fine, and everything there can be adjusted as required and then controlled by the master volume control. Nov 6, Messages: Is it a configuration in Windows?

Download Asus P5Q WS Realtek ALC Audio Driver for Win7 .

I have used two versions of the BIOS currently and it didn’t help. I think the chip is picking up the motherboard’s electronic noise. Sichbo December 14, 2: There is a problem when the analog audio wires are tied together with the digital data wires.

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