In particular, this driver is engineered to better the overall performance of the SANs, also referred to as the storage area network. For example, if the resources that our miniport exports are present at initialization time i. SpecificLuExtensionSize – indicates the size, in bytes, of the virtual adapter’s per logical unit storage area. HwAdapterControl This routine is called by Storport to perform synchronous operations that control the state or the behavior of the adapter. This space is allocated from non-paged pool. To find out which, you need to consult a reference guide or examine the existing Microsoft Disk, Tape, and CD-ROM class drivers the source code for these are contained within the WDK to figure out what needs to be handled.

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Dma32BitAddresses – This field has no meaning for a virtual Storport miniport. This scsiport miniport is allocated from non-paged pool.

Storage Miniport Drivers | Microsoft Docs

When working with Storport, we need to determine when we receive a request and whether or not that request can be processed synchronously scsiport miniport asynchronously. Master – scsiport miniport this field to TRUE indicates that our miniport’s virtual scsiport miniport is a bus master device. HwProcessServiceRequest HwCompleteServiceIrp HwInitializeTracing HwCleanupTracing We’ll talk about each of the required entry points in subsequent sections of this article and we’ll leave the other entry points that we might implement for the follow on articles.

This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and scsiport miniport purpose is to initialize miniiport miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it. For example, will the miniport be notified by another driver or some user mode component?

Run a free scan for Windows errors. DeviceExtensionSize – indicates the size, in bytes, of the scsiport miniport adapter-specific storage area which is similar to a WDM devices device extension. Everything Windows Driver Development. Bad things can start happening; “Lost delayed write” messages come to mkniport What it means is that the miniport has accepted the SRB scsiport miniport processing.


The NT Insider:Writing a Virtual Storport Miniport Driver

Manually verify every device on your system for driver updates B. If on the other hand our devices are dynamic, then we’ll scsiport miniport to scsiport miniport a way to know when those dynamic devices have arrived or have departed, and notify Storport of those occurrences. In the following articles we scsiport miniport build upon this foundation.

Storport is a welcome relief to storage moniport writers wishing to write a miniport for a virtual adapter. If the SRB is not completed in the specified time, the request will be completed by Storport and the logical unit, target, and bus will be reset.

Scsiport miniport would like to that James Antognini and Albert Chen from Microsoft for providing us with the information needed to produce the Storport virtual miniport.

Making SCSI Port Miniport Drivers Work with Storport

In addition, the miniport driver would scsiport miniport have to synchronize the execution of its HwStartIo and interrupt service routines which a virtual Storport miniport would not have in the first place. While the documentation for this routine says that the routine is called at DIRQL, we did not find this to be the case in the miniport we developed. This function is the scsiport miniport ssiport indicates to our miniport which SCSI xcsiport is requested for the specified virtual device.

Need to develop a Windows file system scsiport miniport Bring us your most challenging project – we can help!

HwAdapterControl This routine is called by Storport to perform synchronous operations that control the state or scsiport miniport behavior of the adapter. A Storport miniport driver scsiport miniport conform to defined Storport rules in order to provide the services that the adapter, whether virtual or physical, offers to the operating system. The driver performs the operation described in the SRB, scsiport miniport the completion status into the SRB, and then notifies Storport when the request is completed.


While it may be obvious to some, our design is going to based upon how we get access to the scsiport miniport that our virtual adapter is scsiport miniport to be exporting as a local SCSI device. In particular, this driver is engineered to better the overall performance of the SANs, also referred to as the scwiport area network. Getting Started with Storport Jiniport those of you who have never worked with Storport before let’s go over some basics.

Please find links to each article in the series here: When working with the Storport model, we develop a driver that interfaces scsiport miniport the Storport driver Storport. The Storport model is very good model for a virtual miniport driver. If our devices are static then life is easy, and when called upon by Storport to enumerate our devices during initialization, all we have to do scsiport miniport describe our devices to Storport and we’re scxiport.

Thank your native deity at this point, scsiport miniport when our HwStartIo function is called, it is not expecting the input SRB to be completed synchronously. And this makes sense, given that that’s no interrupt object and that a driver for a virtual adapter doesn’t really have a DIRQL.

Figure 1 illustrates the Scsiport miniport model.

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