Installing disks is simple – you just have to remove the outer shell and slide the disks into place, and there’s no need to connect any fiddly cables. Synology launches DSM 5. Image 1 of 2. This gives you access to the built-in packages, too, which is convenient for things such as the BitTorrent application. In fact, the case is one of the flimsiest we’ve seen in the NAS category.

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It out performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible ss212j also make it ideal for work. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage synology ds212j backup, share files on-the-go, and implement professional dynology solutions in reliable and affordable ways.

The predecessor of DSj, known for its synology ds212j features and ease-of-use, received syjology media recognitions from worldwide that include PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and Expert Reviews’ Best Storage Product of Please read our Cookie Policy. Synology’s two-bay NAS drive isn’t one synology ds212j built to synology ds212j sturdiest of specifications though. It’s definitely a zippy little NAS device. You now have to reach round the NAS and use one of the two rear ports synology ds212j the same function.

By default, the unit will prepare your drives in a RAID 1 array in the background, leaving you to explore the many features that are on offer.

Synology Assistant, synology ds212j can help you find and connect to the drive on your network, and the latest DSM, which is the operating system that’s responsible for delivering all of the NAS drive’s wonderful features. Zyxel focusses on the media streaming market with the NSA, which sports some interesting features. It does take some time to get used to its interface and to figure out how to use many of its features, but there synology ds212j hints and tips that are given that can guide you through various features.


Of course, in a Synology ds212j 0 configuration you’ll lose all your data if one disk fails, whereas RAID 1 gives you the security of a full backup on the second disk.

Synlogy in with LinkedIn Sign synology ds212j with Facebook. It’s a terrific device in this respect; we just wish the hardware felt a little sturdier.

We use cookies to help us improve our webpage. DynamicDNS synology ds212j supported through Synology’s own MyDS service and as long as you forward the management port of the DiskStation, you can access its interface from wherever you are online.

Synology DiskStation DS212j review

However, the DSM interface was snappy and lag free, even when carrying out several tasks at the same time. DSM makes complicated things simple and hard things possible by shnology versatile features on a snappy, synology ds212j, and multitasking web-based user interface. On the upside, it does look attractive, albeit with a front panel that has very bright status lights; the Synology logos on the side panels double as vents.

Synology ds212j built-in torrent client, through which you can even search popular sites for synology ds212j.

Synology® Introduces DiskStation DSj | Synology Inc.

One of the biggest changes to the DSj over previous models is the addition of a large 92mm fan, which is much quieter than those found on other models. I need power and lots of it. The successor to the excellent DSj doesn’t disappoint. When synology ds212j actively synology ds212j files, the Synology sat quietly on standby and consumed about 7W of power.

It has a comprehensive set of features that make the DSj perfect as a back-up device, as a supplier of files for synology ds212j media streamer, and synology ds212j as your own personal “cloud” unit.

You can buy the Synology ds212j as just an enclosure and provide your own disks, or you can buy it with disks ready-fitted; this is a more expensive option, though. The biggest selling point of the drive is its software, which makes you feel like you’re using a desktop operating system due to its layout.


Synology offers many of the drive’s capabilities using packages that can be installed depending on your needs and wants; through the Package Centre on the interface’s “desktop” you can install packages such as synoloyy iTunes syno,ogy, Download Station for downloading BitTorrent files directly to the disk and Cloud Station, which allows you to use the drive as your own synology ds212j “dropbox” service through a desktop client.

Sign up synology ds212j our daily newsletter Newsletter. We downloaded the Cloud Station client for Windows and experienced no problems setting it up and using synology ds212j to keep files synchronised on multiple computers synology ds212j the DiskStation. Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. What you use it synklogy is up to you, but if you want a powerful NAS that’s perfect for backing up, serving files and acting as a “cloud” storage device, then synology ds212j perfect.

At face value, the DSj doesn’t seem to be a vast improvement over the DSj.

Synology DiskStation DSJ Specs – CNET

There are synology ds212j other features that are available for the DiskStation DSj, mainly in the form of extra packages. Once it was all completed though, the drive performed synology ds212j tasks swimmingly.

In our file transfer tests for small files 1MB in sizeit recorded a read rate of

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